Boolean search

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Boolean search

[′bü·lē·ən ′sərch]
(computer science)
A search for selected information, that is, information satisfying conditions that can be expressed by AND, OR, and NOT functions.
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Boolean search

(information science)
(Or "Boolean query") A query using the Boolean operators, AND, OR, and NOT, and parentheses to construct a complex condition from simpler criteria. A typical example is searching for combinatons of keywords on a World-Wide Web search engine.


car or automobile

"New York" and not "New York state"

The term is sometimes stretched to include searches using other operators, e.g. "near".

Not to be confused with binary search.

See also: weighted search.
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Boolean search

A search for data that meets several criteria by using the Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT (see Boolean logic). For example, the request: "Search for all Spanish and French speaking employees who have MBAs" would be written as follows if the query were expressed on a command line. Spanish and French are placed in parentheses in order to be treated as a single item.
list for degree="MBA" and(language="Spanish" or language="French")

In the following example, the parentheses are missing, and the query is incorrect. The AND ties MBA and Spanish together; therefore, people who speak Spanish and have an MBA would be selected, which is correct. However, the OR separates French from the rest of the query, and anyone speaking French, no matter which degree they held, would also be selected.
list for degree="MBA" andlanguage="Spanish" or language="French"

A Google "Advanced" (Boolean) Search
Searching text on Web pages is much less exact than querying records in a database, and this search actually produced 10 million results. However, the Boolean concept does still apply. In this Google "Advanced Search," the OR is stated clearly, but the AND and NOT operators are there nonetheless.
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Using the Boolean search strategy "transpersonal AND psychotherapy" yielded about 25 to 30 articles per block starting in 1970 (see Table 3).
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The company's linguistic technology focuses on relevant results, and is designed to simplify the process using optimised ontologies to eliminate reliance on complicated Boolean searches, and using separate author, journal and affiliation entries to avoid confusing results.
The system then generates Boolean searches based on this language, which it applies to all other documents in the pool.
The service provides a rich query language that enables businesses to search within particular fields, perform Boolean searches, retrieve facet information and specify the data included in the search results.
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