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(computer science)
A scalar declaration in ALGOL defining variables similar to FORTRAN's logical variables.


(mathematics, logic)
1. Boolean algebra.

<programming> 2. (bool) The type of an expression with two possible values, "true" and "false". Also, a variable of Boolean type or a function with Boolean arguments or result. The most common Boolean functions are AND, OR and NOT.
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3D Modeling with ACIS includes numerous new topics that provide value to a myriad of ACIS users, including, but not limited to, modifying models via local operations such as shelling and blending, graph theory, laws, selective Booleans, skinning and lofting, and healing.
1 features requested by our users -- improved lofting, enhanced surfacing, and selective booleans, plus a number of important performance improvements.
0 focuses on 3D CAD model interoperability and features tolerant modeling, enhanced healing technology, new bending functionality, enhanced blending capabilities, new selective Booleans, and over 400 customer requested enhancements.
2, released in August, featured Booleans with complex helical paths that were 30 times faster than in ACIS 4.