Booth, Charles

Booth, Charles,

1840–1916, English social investigator, pioneer in developing the social survey method. Aided by the notable social scientist Beatrice Potter WebbWebb, Beatrice Potter,
1858–1943, English socialist economist; daughter of a wealthy industrialist. She took an early interest in social problems and worked with Charles Booth on his survey of working life in London.
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, he made an exhaustive statistical study of poverty in London, showing its extent, causes, and location. This was published as Life and Labour of the People in London (17 vol., 1891–1903). Booth was also active in reform groups interested in the poor and aged. His other writings include Old Age Pensions and the Aged Poor (1899) and Industrial Unrest and Trade Union Policy (1914).


See his selected writings (1967); study by T. Simey and M. Simey (1960).

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