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a town in Gorky Oblast, RSFSR, located on the left bank of the Volga across from the city of Gorky, to which it is connected by a highway bridge (since 1965). There is a railroad station called Mokhovye Gory. Population, 51,000 (1969).

Industry consists of ship repairing, the production of ship and port equipment, glass manufacture (including window panes, shaped glass, and glass for the automotive industry), silicate production, metal rolling, machine repair, auto repair, shop equipment and business machine building, furniture manufacture, felt making, fulling and boot making, primary wool processing, and garment ornamenting. A large number of Bor’s enterprises are connected with plants in the city of Gorky. Bor has an evening industrial technicum, a school of culture and enlightenment, and a workers’ resort. Bor has been known since the 14th century and has been a town since 1938.


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Bor, periyodik cetvelde 3A grubunda ilk sirada yer alan, "B" simgesiyle gosterilen ve atom numarasi 5 olan bir elementtir.
We have Murle in the army headquarter here in Bor, even in Yuai; we have one among the top commanders there.
The SMBR issued instructions that field officers must submit monthly reports about decisions of revenue cases of overseas Pakistanis to the BoR so as to ascertain the total number of decided cases every month.
In its investigation, Sebi observed that the share price of BoR was ` 55 on the BSE and ` 54 on the NSE on April 1, 2010, and increased to ` 99.50 on the BSE and ` 99.45 on the NSE on May 18, 2010.
"The manifestation will be brought up in the next BOR meeting on July 25 since it is only the BOR that can decide on the matter," said the source, who declined to be identified for lack of authority to speak on the matter.
12/2016, Philip Aguer established 11 new counties in Bor.
She further claimed that she never received a reply from the BOR, and conveyed her dismay at the delay, which she says is a "denial of justice" to Avila.
" All BoR shareholders will become shareholders of ICICI Bank," P.
They have also been asked to furnish reports on monthly basis to the BoR. This was decided in a meeting which held between Commissioners, Overseas
Isaac Mamer Ruk, commissioner of Jonglei state's Bor county, said the passengers were mainly pastoralists returning home from Jubek state, the former Central Equatoria state, adding that the boat was loaded in Magala, a Payam of Juba county some 75 km north of Juba.