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a town in Gorky Oblast, RSFSR, located on the left bank of the Volga across from the city of Gorky, to which it is connected by a highway bridge (since 1965). There is a railroad station called Mokhovye Gory. Population, 51,000 (1969).

Industry consists of ship repairing, the production of ship and port equipment, glass manufacture (including window panes, shaped glass, and glass for the automotive industry), silicate production, metal rolling, machine repair, auto repair, shop equipment and business machine building, furniture manufacture, felt making, fulling and boot making, primary wool processing, and garment ornamenting. A large number of Bor’s enterprises are connected with plants in the city of Gorky. Bor has an evening industrial technicum, a school of culture and enlightenment, and a workers’ resort. Bor has been known since the 14th century and has been a town since 1938.


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Kolnyang] youth were responding to attempted cattle raid and this captive [Juong] was captured after he was overpowered," said Ruuk, in a telephone interview with Sudan Tribune from Bor capital on Thursday.
Officials in Bor said investigators had mapped the scene, but refused to comment on who was at fault, saying such statements could prejudice any future criminal proceedings.
Within Bor there are criminals who abduct the children among [the] Dinka Bor themselves and they just say these criminals come from [the] Murle [tribe]," he added.
Bor experience flood annually due to heavy rains and overflow of Nile River.
Bor was the scene of fierce fighting at the start of the conflict, with the violence causing widespread destruction.
Located about 200km from the capital, Juba, Bor was the center of intense fighting between government forces and rebels loyal to South Sudan former vice-president, Riek Machar in December last year.
Without shelter, congestion - which compromises hygiene and sanitation, lack of enough clean water and food, Bor would remain a no-go zone for citizens.
His response come after some chiefs in Pibor claimed Dinka Bor youth, were allegedly armed by division eight in Malaual-chat, located in the outskirts of Bor.
This was decided in a meeting which held between Commissioner Overseas Pakistanis Commission (OPC) Punjab Afzaal Bhatti and Senior Member BoR (SMBR) Jawwad Rafique Malik here at latter's office on Wednesday.
Director General OPC Mohammad Hassan Iqbal, Director Revenue Ishrat Niazi and officers of OPC and BoR were also present in the meeting.
Sebi had investigated into possible insider trading in the scrip of BoR prior to announcement of agreement executed on May 18, 2010, between the dominant shareholders of BoR with ICICI Bank for agreeing to merge the two banks.