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salts of boric acid. For the most part, borates are not salts of boric acid H3BO3 itself but of polyboric acids n B2O3m H2O, which are not isolated in a free state (for example, tetraboric acid H2B4O7 or 2B2O3 H2O). Thus, neutralization of H3BO3 by alkalis produces sodium tetraborate, or borax:

2NaOH + 4H3BO3 = Na2B4O7 + 7H2O

Salts of alkali metals constitute most of the water-soluble borates. Borates are used for softening water, as an ingredient in laundry powders, and in the glass industry. In laboratory practice, borates are used in the preparation of buffer systems and as fluxes. Lead metaborates Pb(BO2)2 are used in the production of radiation protection screens.

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The study of the composition and concentration dependence of the low-frequency light scattering spectra of the borate glasses [13, 14] has shown that both the type of the alkali metal cation and the concentration of modifier oxide strongly affect the spectral properties of the Boson peak (intensity and Boson peak position) (see, e.g., Fig.
Another approach to providing sufficient borate to a bridge timber is to drill holes in the member before treatment and fill the holes with solid or powdered preservative.
It also attracts interest as model compound for the preparation of poly(methylenetriphenyl borates).
The samples of potassium borate and Cu-doped potassium borate glass were prepared by a melt quenching technique.
Zinc borates are also known for their flame-retarding properties.
Previous laboratory tests have shown that without borate the chemicals available on the early Earth fail to build ribose.
James Mack Gerstley, a mining executive, founded the mine in 1923; the local people then called the mine Gerstley's borate. Gerstley's company, Pacific Coast Borax, merged with US Potash Company, which became US Borax and Chemical Company.
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Charmax flame retardants and smoke suppressants include proprietary Charmax LS complexes used in low-smoke polymer compositions for wire and cable, Charmax FRs used as antimony oxide replacements, an ultrafine ammonium octamolybdate, zinc staunates, and zinc borates for halogenated and nonhalogenated polymers.
Among their topics are the combined fire retardant action of phosphonated structures and clay dispersion in epoxy resin, borates as fire retardants in halogen-free polymers, fire-resistant flexible foams, and smoke toxicity in automotive materials.