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(Struggle). (1) Legal daily Bolshevik newspaper, published by the literary and lecturing group of the Moscow committee of the RSDLP during the greatest upsurge of the 1905–07 Revolution. From Nov. 27 (Dec. 10) through Dec. 7 (20), nine issues were published, and the circulation was 10,000. The editors were 1.1. Skvortsov-Stepanov (the acting editor in chief), M. N. Pokrovskii, N. A. Rozhkov, and V. A. Desnitskii-Stroev. Collaborating on this newspaper were M. Gorky, M. I. Vasil’ev-Iuzhin, M. A. Sil’vin, V. L. Shantser, and others. The financial support for Bor’ba was provided by M. Gorky, the book publisher S. A. Skirmunt (its official editor and publisher), and N. G. Garin-Mikhailovskii. Included among the sections were “The Workers’ Movement,” “The Professional Movement,” “The Army and the Proletariat,” “Party Life,” and “In the Soviet of Workers’ Deputies.” The publication of Bor’ba was forbidden by the Moscow Court.

(2) From March 1907 through February 1908, illegal Bolshevik newspaper in Moscow, organ of the Moscow Okrug committee of the RSDLP (12 issues); it was edited at various times by Ts. S. Zelikson-Bobrovskaia, L. L. Nikiforov, and A. A. Samoilov.

(3) Bolshevik newspapers in Samara (1906), Ustiug (1907), Nikolaev, Nizhnii Tagil, Tiflis (1908), Riga (1906–09), St. Petersburg (1909–10), Petrograd, Tsaritsyn, and Vinnitsa (1917).




(Struggle), a daily newspaper; organ of the Socialist Union of the Working People of Yugoslavia (until June 1954 it was the organ of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia). The paper was founded in February 1922 and is published in Belgrade. Its circulation is over 85,000 (1969).

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