Bordeaux mixture

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Bordeaux mixture

Bordeaux mixture (bôrdōˈ), fungicide consisting of cupric sulfate and lime in water. Its fungicidal activity is associated with the slow formation of copper compounds, the ultimate toxicant being the cupric ion. It originated in France in 1885 and was widely used for spraying orchards, dusting crops, and treating seeds until c.1930. Since it was found that Bordeaux mixture frequently caused russeting of fruit, injured the leaves, and led to premature defoliation, it has been generally replaced by solutions made with powdered fixed copper. Sal soda Bordeaux, or Burgundy mixture, containing cupric sulfate and sodium carbonate (sal soda), was formerly used to spray small fruits but has been replaced by more convenient preparations. See pesticide.
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Bordeaux Mixture


a widely distributed chemical used against fungous and bacterial diseases of plants.

Bordeaux mixture is prepared on the day of use. One kg of blue vitriol is dissolved in 90 liters (7) of water. While these ingredients are being mixed, 10 1 of freshly prepared milk of lime is added. This causes the precipitation of basic sulfuric salts of copper in the form of a gelatinous precipitate that covers the leaves and fruits of plants effectively.

Bordeaux mixture is used most frequently to prevent grapevine mildew, apple scab, pear scab, and spots on stone fruits. The period and quantity of application depends on the biological characteristics of the cause of the disease and on weather conditions. Plants are sprayed with a 3–5 percent Bordeaux mixture (blue spraying) until the buds open. At the time of vegetation, a 0.5–1 percent solution is used. Bordeaux mixture should not be acidic, or it will burn the leaves. It is slightly poisonous.

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Bordeaux mixture

[bȯr′dō ‚miks·chər]
A fungicide made from a mixture of lime, copper sulfate, and water.
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Table 3 summarizes the extent of application of chemical sprays by Bordeaux mixture and Systemic fungicides and their channels of communication.
Such conditions are often thought to be particularly challenging for organic growers, who can only rely on 'traditional' treatments - Bordeaux mixture (copper sulphate and lime) against downy mildew and sulphur against the powdery variety.
Spray emerging peach and nectarine tree leaves with a fungicide, such as Bordeaux mixture, to stop leaf curl.
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The only way to avoid blight is to spray every 10-14 days with Bordeaux mixture available from garden centres before plants are infected.
Sale of Bordeaux mixture, a standard spray treatment used until recently ( even by organic gardeners ( is due to be banned at the end of next year.
There are a number of fungicides on the market - look on your garden centre shelves - or you can use the old standby Bordeaux mixture, a concoction of copper sulphate and lime.
Bordeaux Mixture prepared from copper sulphate and lime is the standard fungicide for potato blight.
Spray peaches with a copper-based fungicide, such as Vitax Bordeaux Mixture, to prevent peach leaf curl.On a dry day, rake the lawn to remove moss and dead grass, or thatch.
The time to start treatment is this month before growth starts, spraying with Bordeaux mixture, a powder made up of copper sulphate and lime to kill many of the overwintering colonies.
For chemical control, spray with the copper-containing fungicides Bordeaux mixture or Bayer Fruit and Vegetable Disease Control after fruit picking but before leaf fall and a second time when about half the leaves have fallen.
Spray peach and nectarine trees and bushes for peach leaf curl with the fungicide Vitax Bordeaux Mixture and repeat after 10 to 14 days.