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Bordet, Jules

(zhül bôrdā`), 1870–1961, Belgian serologist and immunologist, M.D. Univ. of Brussels, 1892. He became director of the Pasteur Institute in Brussels in 1901 and professor at the Univ. of Brussels in 1907. With Octave Gengou he devised (1900) the technique of the complement-fixation reaction (applied by Wassermann to the diagnosis of syphilis) and discovered (1906) the bacillus of whooping cough. For his work in immunity he received the 1919 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Bordet, Jules


Born June 13, 1870, in Soignies; died Apr. 6, 1961, in Brussels. Belgian immunologist and bacteriologist. Bordet graduated from the University of Brussels in 1892. From 1894 to 1901 he worked at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, and in 1901 he founded and headed the Pasteur Institute in Brussels. In 1907 he became head of the department of bacteriology and parasitology at the University of Brussels.

Bordet studied the mechanism of serological reactions. Together with O. Gengou he observed the complement-fixation reaction and discovered the bacillus of whooping cough and a method for its immunization. He began the humoral trend in the study of anaphylaxis (1921) and developed the theory of bacteriophagy. He also proposed the theory of blood coagulation.

Bordet maintained cordial personal and professional relations with E. Metchnikoff, L. A. Tarasevich, V. A. Barykin, and other Russian and Soviet scientists. He won a Nobel Prize in 1919.


Traité de l’immunité dans les maladies infectieuses. Paris, 1920.
In Russian translation:
Immunilet, antigeny i antitela. Moscow, 1928.


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