bore hole

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wormhole, bore hole

A hole or tunnel of any size in wood caused by worms.
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The honing tool adjusts its shape based on these calculations, thereby altering the profile of the bore hole so that motions of the piston are perfectly smooth later on when the engine is running, preventing excessive friction.
MAKING SAVINGS Mike Ashley DRIVE Moves at St James' saved thousands WATER SOLUTION United's training ground where a bore hole has been installed
Another bore hole is used for communications, electricity, air and water.
"After failing to secure an adequate supply from bore holes drilled on the farm, we turned our attention to rainwater and water collected in two ponds on the farm."
The company has drilled the hole to a vertical depth of 301 metres and intersected kimberlite from 15.53 metres vertically down hole to the end of the bore hole.
Bore hole water is initially used to reduce the temperature of the fries from 95[degrees]C to 40[degrees]C, with the temperature then further reduced to -18[degrees]C through the use of pumped ammonia.
"There was a big celebration when the bore hole was handed to the school."
A graduate of Water Well Driller apprenticeship training is a journeyman who, through skill and knowledge, is capable of operating the machines used to produce bore holes. They will be able to complete a bore hole into a finished productive well, complete well records and reports as required by the industry, and complete well records and reports as required by government.
A row has broken out between a West Midlands water company which is seeking to take water from a bore hole and an NHS Trust.
A second purpose for the sight/relief holes is to provide an escape route for the boring fluid and spoilage that is pushed ahead of the incoming pipe, thereby relieving the pressure that is created as the new pipe is pulled or pushed through the bore hole during the back-ream.
A bore hole camera inspection system, recently delivered to the Ivory Coast, is helping to ensure that extraction holes for fresh water supply is free of cavities, cracks, and deposits such as calcification.
Even greater protection is gained when a concrete slurry is poured between the casing and bore hole. A concrete pad or grade sloping away from the casing will prevent runoff from entering the bore hole.