Boreman, Arthur Ingram

Boreman, Arthur Ingram,

1823–96, first governor of West Virginia (1863–69), b. Waynesburg, Pa. A member (1855–61) of the Virginia house of delegates, Boreman opposed secession and presided over the Wheeling Convention of June, 1861, which set up the loyal government of Virginia with Francis H. PierpontPierpont, Francis Harrison,
1814–99, Union leader in Virginia during the American Civil War, "Father of West Virginia," b. near Morgantown, Va. (now W.Va.). When Virginia seceded, he became a leader of the disaffected Unionist forces in the western part of Virginia and was
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 as governor. It was this government that consented to the partition of Virginia, and on June 20, 1863, Boreman was inaugurated as governor of the new state of West Virginia. Reelected governor in 1864 and 1866, he was elected in 1869 to the U.S. Senate, where he served until 1875.