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AMA recently published a detailed study of over 180+ pages in its database on 'Borescope Cameras' market covering interesting aspects of market with supporting development scenario ranging from 2013-2025.
With the upgrades to its borescope inspection stations, the metalcaster is better positioned to deliver on its promise of industry-leading customer service.
Modern borescopes allow us to look deep inside cylinders--and this guide will help you interpret what you see through the viewfinder.
If borescopes can be used to accurately identify and delimit infestations, they will facilitate IPM efforts to be localized, reducing the economic and environmental costs associated with insecticide applications, while maintaining an acceptable level of control.
I recently acquired a Hawkeye Borescope from Midway USA, the Classic Slim Kit made by Gradient Lens Corporation ( located at Rochester NY.
Its products include endoscopes, borescopes, fiberoptic and microoptic systems used for medical procedures.
Top end specs include high definition video cameras, including borescopes, television screens and audio devices at each end or it could be as simple as a pair of web cams and laptops.
The LB24 industrial series is intended for OEM system integration such as lighting for borescopes, fiberscopes and microscopes and can be operated in portable applications using low-voltage battery packs.