Boris Aleksandrovich Turganov

Turganov, Boris Aleksandrovich


Born Oct. 8 (21), 1901, in St. Petersburg. Soviet Russian poet and translator.

Turganov graduated from the Kiev Institute of Foreign Relations in 1923. His works were first published in 1921. Turganov wrote the narrative poem Roll Call of the Octobers (1927), the collections Simple Verses (1930) and Our Banner (1942), and the book of essays The Republic of Turkmenistan (1930). He has translated numerous works from Ukrainian, notably writings of T. Shevchenko, I. Franko, M. Ryl’skii, P. Tychina, N. Rybak, and M. Bazhan. He has also translated works from Byelorussian, including those of la. Kolas and la. Kupala, as well as Georgian, Turkmenian, Azerbaijani, and other languages.


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