Boris Annenkov

Annenkov, Boris Vladimirovich


Born Feb. 9, 1889; died Aug. 25, 1927. One of the leaders of the counterrevolution in Siberia, the hetman of the Siberian cossack troops.

Annenkov was from the nobility of Kiev Province. He graduated from the Aleksandrov Military Academy in 1908 and took part in World War I. Beginning in 1915 he was head of the so-called partisan detachment of the Siberian Cossack Division, with which he left the front for Omsk in the spring of 1918 and refused to submit to Soviet rule. In June and July 1918 he participated in the overthrow of Soviet rule in Siberia and formed the so-called Partisan Division (with about 10,000 men). Starting in the autumn of 1918, this force operated at first in Western Siberia and Kazakhstan and then in Semirech’e, crushing peasant rebellions with unbelievable cruelty. At the end of 1919 he was appointed commander of the Detached Army of the Semirech’e by Admiral A. V. Kolchak. In May 1920 he fled to China. In 1926 he returned to the USSR, was convicted by a military tribunal for atrocities during the Civil War, and was shot in Semipalatinsk.

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These all shed new light on the brutal atrocities of Kolchak Lieutenants Gregori Semenov, Igor Kalmikov, Boris Annenkov, Pavel Ivanov-Rinov, and Sergei Rozanov, whose "White Terror" had no counterpart from the Bolsheviks because Lenin and Trotsky were concentrating their attention on European Russia.