Boris Ivanovich Cheranovskii

Cheranovskii, Boris Ivanovich


Born July 1 (13), 1896, in the village of Pavlovichi, Volyn’ Province; died Dec. 17,1960, in Moscow. Soviet aircraft designer.

Between 1924 and 1927, Cheranovskii studied at the Air Force Academy. In 1922 he began to design and construct gliders and airplanes of the “flying wing” type, in which the tail assembly is located on the wing. In 1924 he developed the BICh-2 glider, in which the leading edge of the wing had a parabolic planform. Cheranovskii’s BICh-8 glider, which was successfully tested in 1929, was the first to employ a delta wing. Cheranovskii also developed “flying wing” airplanes with a central vertical tail assembly (the BICh-3 in 1926 and the BICh-7A in 1933). He was awarded the Order of the Red Star.


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