Boris Osipovich Dolgikh

Dolgikh, Boris Osipovich


Born Apr. 5 (18), 1904, in Riga; died Dec. 31, 1971, in Moscow. Soviet ethnographer, specialist in the history and ethnography of the peoples of Siberia, doctor of historical science (1959). He conducted field work among the minority peoples of the North and gathered extensive data on their history, ethnogenesis, and material and spiritual culture. He collaborated on major works of history and ethnography (including The Peoples of Siberia, 1956).


Kety. Irkutsk, 1934.
Rodovoi i plemennoi sostav narodov Sibiri v 17 v. Moscow, 1960.
Mifologicheskie skazki i istoricheskie predaniia entsev. Moscow, 1961.
Ocherki po etnicheskoi istorii nentsev i entsev. Moscow, 1970.