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city and center of Borzhomi Raion, Georgian SSR. The climate and balneological facilities also make Borzhomi a health resort. It has a railroad station on the Khashuri-Vale line and a branch line to Bakuriani. Population, 16,500 (1969). Borzhomi is located 152 km west of Tbilisi in the wooded Borzhomi gorge in the Kura River valley at an elevation of up to 810 m above sea level, and in the gorges of two of the Kura’s tributaries. The summers are warm, with an average temperature of 19° C in July, and the winters are mild, with an average temperature of -3° C in January. Annual precipitation is 595 mm. Borzhomi features therapeutic mineral waters, used mainly for drinking, whose chemical composition is

The waters are prescribed for patients with stomach and intestinal disorders, liver and bile-duct ailments, and metabolic disturbances. Borzhomi has sanatoriums, a balneological hospital, workers’ resorts, and boardinghouses, which are open year-round. Borzhomi also has a glass factory and a plant which bottles mineral water. There is a forestry technicum, a folk theater, and a museum of local lore. Nearby are the health resorts of Tsagveri, Tsemi, Li-bani, and Patara-Tsemi and the health-resort localities of Akhaldaba, Daba, Dviri, Madzhartskhali, Mzeta-Mze, Tba, Tsinubani, Tsikhidzhvari, and other such areas, where Young Pioneer camps and rest homes operate during the summer.


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The 5-star Wyndham Hotel and 4-star Best Western Plus opened in Batumi, while the 4-star Golden Tulip was added to the international hotel stock in Borjomi.
More recently, the devastating Borjomi fire in August 2017 affected at least 646 ha of land, in a region with popular tourism resorts.
Korean tourists offer 5-7 day routes to Sighnaghi, Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Kazbegi, Borjomi and Akhaltsikhe.
After a two hour drive our first stop was Borjomi, a spa well known for its mineral water, but not before we were first introduced to local food at a 'restaurant,' called Jargvali.
Also worth a spot on this itinerary is a visit to Borjomi -- the city that lends its name to Georgia's most famous packaged water.
In terms of value shares, sales of bottled water were led by IDS Borjomi Georgia and Healthy Water in 2015, recording respective share of 52% and 35%.
the country, workers of Borjomi mineral water plant, Georgian Railway workers as well as officials of power distribution company
As is known, a hotel complex is being constructed in Borjomi by using joint investments," he said, adding that the construction will be completed in 2014.
1) The following cities submitted applications to host the 2014 games: Almaty, Kazakhstan; Borjomi, Georgia; Jaca, Spain; Pyeongchang, South Korea; Salzburg, Austria; and Sofia, Bulgaria.
We will take the brand to new markets like in Georgia -Tbilisi, Telavi, Borjomi and Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan, with properties planned in Turkey Morocco, Brazil and the ASPAC.
Russia's Alfa Group may by the year end acquire a majority stake worth some USD300m (EUR227m) in IDS Borjomi, part of Georgian natural mineral water producer Borjomi.