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(Borland Software Corporation, Austin, TX, A software company founded as Borland International in 1983 by Philippe Kahn, who resigned as president in 1995 but remained as chairman. Borland was acquired by Micro Focus International in 2009. The company is noted for its language and development products. It also popularized the DOS desktop accessory with its Sidekick program. Borland's Turbo Pascal moved Pascal out of the academic halls into a commercial product, and its Turbo C became an industry standard. Borland C++ and Delphi were widely used for developing Windows applications, and its JBuilder Java environment was very popular.

The company acquired the Paradox database from Ansa Software in 1987 in addition to dBASE and Interbase from Ashton-Tate in 1991. It made Borland the leader in PC databases in the early 1990s. It later sold Paradox to Corel and spun off Delphi, JBuilder and Interbase into the CodeGear division.

In 1998, Borland changed its name to Inprise Corporation in recognition of its focus on "integrating the enterprise" but changed it back to Borland three years later. See Turbo C, Borland C++, dBASE Plus, Interbase, JBuilder, Paradox and Delphi.

Philippe Kahn
Borland's founder was a notable personality in the early days of personal computing and led the company into some very successful ventures. (Image courtesy of Borland Software Corporation.)
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Borland helps quality assurance teams streamline the manual testing process with the introduction of a new, manual testing capability added to SilkCentral Test Manager.
To ensure it is, Quest deployed Borland StarTeam([R]) enterprise-wide to standardize its software change and configuration management process and has recently begun the process of implementing Borland CaliberRM([TM]) for requirements definition and management.
With Gauntlet, organizations will be able to open the 'black box' of software development by embedding efficient testing and measurement earlier in the application lifecycle," said Rob Cheng, director of developer solutions for Borland Software.
For example, analysts can access requirements in Borland CaliberRM while engineers and developers can use Eclipse.
Forward-looking statements may relate to, but are not limited to, the features available in, and the potential benefits to be derived from, Borland products and solutions, and the plans and market acceptance of such products and solutions, including Borland's IT Management & Governance solution.
Borland SilkCentral([R]) Test Manager([TM]) serves as the management foundation for all pre-deployment quality activities.
We're excited that enterprises like BGI are realizing the benefits of the Borland quality platform," said Marc Brown, senior director of product marketing at Borland.
Avanade is not only planning to use the Borland Requirements Definition and Management product set as one of the components of its ALM customer implementations, but also for its own internal development efforts.
We selected the Borland solution because we needed an automated way to effectively manage requirements and tie those requirements into our testing process.
Borland has begun the process of integrating its ALM products with Segue's award-winning Silk and SilkCentral(R) product lines, forming the foundation for Borland's Lifecycle Quality Management solution which the company expects to deliver later this year.
The Borland Requirements Definition and Management solution also includes assessments, executive alignment sessions and personalized process improvement workshops led by Borland Solution Architects, as well as an array of training options to facilitate rapid adoption of the processes and Borland products.
In addition, the TeraQuest(R) process assets and intellectual property have become a foundation for Borland University, Borland's Process Asset Library and Borland Accelerate - all resources currently available to Borland customers.