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the largest mountain climate health resort in Bulgaria. It lies 70 km southeast of Sofia, on the northern slopes of the Rila Mountains, at an altitude of 1,300 m. It has a stable, warm winter, with an average January temperature of about -4.4° C, and a cool summer, with an average July temperature of 15.3° C. The annual precipitation is about 960 mm. The mountain climate, sun and air baths, and mountain walks promote physical fitness. Patients suffering from affections of the upper respiratory tracts of nontubercular origin, bronchial asthma, secondary anemia, and functional disturbances of the nervous system are treated. Borovets has sanatoriums, rest homes, hotels, and tourist centers. The season lasts the year round.

Borovets is a sports center of Bulgaria, where there are annual national and international skiing and ice hockey competitions. It is the starting point for mountain climbers ascending Musala (2,925 m), the highest mountain in the Balkan Peninsula.


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In the interest of authenticity, rock groups adopted English songs with their original lyrics, while pop performers established on radio and television relied on Czech lyricists, often with excellent results--let us mention at least Vaclav Neckar's Lady Jane and Mrs Robinson (lyrics by Zdcnck Borovec; Eduard Krecmar) or Marta Kubisova's Hey Jude (lyrics by Zdcnek Rytir).
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Biljana Borovec, a 50-year-old clerk, was more cautious.
"I was so jealous of the others who joined before us," said Ivan Borovec, as he queued to pass tight security checks to enter the square.
The four meter cross in the village of Borovec has been destroyed, the ambulance in village Labunista was stoned and a bus of a Vevcani company was stoned while the Macedonian flag outside the Municipality of Struga was removed and then set on fire.
In Bulgaria when the building business thrived in Sofia and Borovec there was a substantial amount of investments for two years but then everything collapsed and the figures went down.
Krunoslav Borovec, a police spokesman, said on Thursday that eight suspects were Croats and two were Serbian citizens, all of whom were "dangerous persons from the criminal milieu".He also said that three suspects had resisted arrest and had to be subdued by force during a police investigation into the killing of Ivo Pukanic, the editor of Nacional, a weekly newspaper, in the capital Zagreb on October 23.