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a town in Gorky Oblast, RSFSR, located on the left bank of the Volga across from the city of Gorky, to which it is connected by a highway bridge (since 1965). There is a railroad station called Mokhovye Gory. Population, 51,000 (1969).

Industry consists of ship repairing, the production of ship and port equipment, glass manufacture (including window panes, shaped glass, and glass for the automotive industry), silicate production, metal rolling, machine repair, auto repair, shop equipment and business machine building, furniture manufacture, felt making, fulling and boot making, primary wool processing, and garment ornamenting. A large number of Bor’s enterprises are connected with plants in the city of Gorky. Bor has an evening industrial technicum, a school of culture and enlightenment, and a workers’ resort. Bor has been known since the 14th century and has been a town since 1938.


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Bors and his remaining patients were sent to Birmingham Army Hospital, Van Nuys, CA, with plans to turn the hospital and patients over to VA.
Bors resides in the hearts and memories of his patients and their families, his staff, his friends, and the volunteers who have served his patients and supported his work with generosity and love for nearly half a century.
Q-Free only issued a stock exchange announcement on 4 June 2004 after Oslo Bors demanded that the company should inform the market of this cancellation and imposed a matching halt on trading in Q-Free shares," Oslo Bors added.
Q-Free issued a separate statement on Friday saying that it disagreed with Oslo Bors' understanding of the case, and said that it would submit an appeal to the Oslo Bors appeals committee.
Oslo Bors Holding said that it expected revenues of NOK220m and operating costs of NOK170m for the full-year period.
Oslo Bors Holding will offset the effect on profit of revenue reductions as far as possible with lower operating costs, renegotiation of certain agreements, and price adjustments on some of Oslo Bors' products," Oslo Bors said in a statement.
Bor County police Commissioner, Mabior Ruar, at his office in Bor with cartridges collected from the area attacked in front of him (by John Actually ST)
Three of his cows were also shot dead in the 1am attack Malueth told Sudan Tribune at Bor civil hospital, where his four injured children - Keer Malueth, Ajah Malueth, Ayen Malueth, Bol Malueth aged 8 to 13 - are being treated.