Borzhomi Preserve

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Borzhomi Preserve


a preserve in the Georgian SSR, near Borzhomi. The preserve is located in the spurs of the Meskhetskii Range (also called the Adzharo-Imeretinskii Range) at elevations of 850–2,200 m. Its area is over 18,000 hectares.

Borzhomi Preserve was created in 1929 for the preservation of the natural ecology, which plays a large role in the regulation of the output of the valuable mineral springs. The forest consists of eastern spruce, Normandy fir, pine, and beech, mixed with Georgian oak, hornbeam, elm, hop hornbeam, chestnut, and others. The underbrush is laurel and rhododendron. Caucasian deer, wild goat, pine and stone marten, fox, wildcat, Caucasian squirrel, and other animals may be found in the preserve. The Teleut squirrel has been acclimated to the preserve.


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