Bosanquet, Bernard

Bosanquet, Bernard

Bosanquet, Bernard (bōˈzənkĭt), 1848–1923, English philosopher, educated at Oxford. He lectured there (1871–81) and at St. Andrews (1903–8). His major works include A History of Aesthetic (1892), The Philosophical Theory of the State (1899), and The Value and Destiny of the Individual (1913). They exemplify the idealists' discontent with British empiricism at the end of the 19th cent.


See biography by H. Bosanquet (1924); J. H. Muirhead, ed., Bernard Bosanquet and His Friends (1935).

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Bosanquet, Bernard


Born June 14,1848, in RockHall, Northumberland; died Feb. 8, 1923, in London. English neo-Hegelian philosopher.

Bosanquet carried on the line of absolutist idealism of F. H. Bradley, emphasizing the personal character of the “absolute,” the source of all values. In The Philosophical Theory of the State he developed a sociopolitical conception by which the “state” was understood as the embodiment of the general will, growing out of the cooperation of individuals, and the “solely recognized and justified constraint” (The Philosophical Theory of the State, London, 1899, p. 152), which was directed toward subordinating the personality to the “whole” and suppressing its “egoism,” which springs from the “animal nature” of man. Bosanquet criticized formal logic; he understood logical thought as a transition from fragmentary individual experience to the “concrete universal”—that is, to “truth as a whole.”


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