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The Argentinean scored the winner against World Cup new boys Bosnia-Hercegovina, who scored an early own goal but held off the South Americans until the 65th minute.
More than a decade after the American sponsored and negotiated Dayton Peace Agreement structured Bosnia-Hercegovina into its post-war arrangement, signs of ethnic tension have once again begun to appear from politicians in the Serbian part of the country.
LAST NIGHT'S RESULTS International matches: Albania 1, Andorra 0; Azerbaijan 0, Honduras 0; Belarus 0, Sweden 1; Greece 0, Paraguay 2; Norway 0, Ukraine 1; Poland 0, Serbia 0; Romania 0 FYR Macedonia 1; Zimbabwe 0, Brazil 3 TONIGHT'S GAMES International matches: Germany v Bosnia-Hercegovina, 7.
Group D: France, Romania, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Belarus, Albania, Luxembourg
According to the charge sheet, he stands accused of having "participated in an overarching joint criminal enterprise to permanently remove Bosnian Muslim and Bosnian Croat inhabitants from the territories of Bosnia-Hercegovina claimed as Bosnian Serb territory".
The massive campaigns of death that are genocide even those that are not officially labelled as genocide such as the 1992-1995 killings in the Former Yugoslavia especially in Bosnia-Hercegovina are all too large of issues to be solved, deliberated or punished for in some international politically mandated court.
At a minimum, two of them were not such: Bosnia-Hercegovina and Macedonia.
The two were among six Guantanamo inmates with dual Algerian-Bosnian nationalities who were arrested in Bosnia-Hercegovina in 2001 and initially charged with plotting to attack the U.
Since the division of Yugoslavia into different independent nations it would now pertain to the members of the Episcopal Conference of Bosnia-Hercegovina to eventually reopen the examination of this case, and to make any new pronouncements that might be called for.
The others--Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina and Macedonia--gained independence during the 1990s.
These days, nine out of ten Swiss-made plastic cards come from Trub, which has also supplied ID cards for Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Latvia, Poland, Hong Kong and Dubai.
The 33-member cast of actors, dancers and singers hailed from Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia-Hercegovina.

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