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strait, Turkey: see BosporusBosporus
or Bosphorus
[Gr.,=ox ford, in reference to the story of Io], Turk. Boğaziçi, strait, c.20 mi (30 km) long and c.2,100 ft (640 m) wide at its narrowest, separating European from Asian Turkey and joining the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara.
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, Bosphorus
the. a strait between European and Asian Turkey, linking the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara
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Constructing a pipeline across land to the Mediterranean was seen as avoiding the hazards of the Bosphorus.
Part Two: A detailed geopolitical/geoeconomic risk assessment of the seven major export alternatives for both the second and the third Bosphorus by-pass
Large-scale maintenance and repair works will be carried out on the first bridge, the Bosphorus Bridge, while only small repair works will be needed for the second bridge, the FSM Bridge.
4% of total ship passages through the Bosphorus in 2010, and crude oil passages alone comprised a mere 3.
The 212-room Renaissance Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel will open in early 2012, and will feature a rooftop bar, a lobby bar, bistro, all-day dining restaurant, and a fitness facility.
Pointing to the 150 million tons of annual traffic at the Bosphorus mostly comprising of crude oil and related products, Yildiz said, "With its old history and all beauties, Istanbul needs to be protected.
Oil-tanker transportation through the straits is not sustainable anymore," Environment Minister Veysel Eroglu said Thursday, as cited by the Turkish paper Hurriyet Daily, following the summit during which the government and the companies agreed in principle that precautionary measures must be taken to protect Istanbul's heavily trafficked Bosphorus Strait from an environmentally disastrous oil spill.
The city has various districts including Sultanahmet, the old city, where most of the historical sites are located, the new city, which is the main business district and home to many modern shopping malls, and the European bank of the Bosphorus dotted with palaces, parks, waterfront mansions and Bohemian neighbourhoods.
My eight floor hotel room gives me a picture postcard view of the Bosphorus and the Blue Mosque and Taksim is an area that lends itself beautifully to exploration on foot.
Istanbul, the city in Turkey on both shores of the Bosphorus straits, has a history going back to the settlement of Greeks in the 7th century BC, from whom it first acquired the now famous name of Byzantium.
Bahrain-based Elaf Bank has announced the closing of a two-year murabaha financing extended to the Shamil Bosphorus Modaraba.
In the distance hordes of ferries had begun their daily business of criss-crossing the waters of the Bosphorus river and Golden Horn.