Boston Common

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Boston Common

Address:Tremont Beacon Charles & Boylston Sts
Boston, MA 02118

Size: 50 acres.
Location:In Back Bay/Beacon Hill.
Facilities:Pavilions, monuments, playground, "tot lot", spray fountain, pond, ball fields, tennis courts, historic cemetery.
Activities:Self-guided walks, tennis, softball, crickett, ice skating.
Special Features:Boston Common was founded in 1634 to provide pasturage, a military training field, and other shared needs for the town, based upon the English concept of public land. Park marks the start of the Freedom Trail, a well-marked, three-mile walking tour of Boston that links 16 sites of historical interest. The Commons also has a longstanding tradition as a place where demonstrators can exercise their right to freedom of speech. Designated a National Historic Landmark, the park is part of the Emerald Necklace, a continuous line of parks that stretch from the Boston Common to Franklin Park.

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The upcoming screamfest promises to be one of the loudest events the Boston Common has hosted this year; the park has served as a venue for book launches, wine tastings and festivals throughout 2017.
Thousands of counter-protesters gathered in Boston Common and marched through city streets on Saturday morning in efforts to drown out the planned 'Free Speech' rally that many feared would be attended by white supremacist groups.
The nearby Boston Common is a hub of activity throughout the year and one to check out if you're in town.
Critique: Impressively well written, organized and presented, "Childe Hassam: At Dusk: Boston Common at Twilight" is nicely illustrated throughout.
Banks are tied to every market sector through their lending practices, making them uniquely vulnerable to climate-related risk," Boston Common said.
ICantBreathe: Thousands block traffic, demand justice in Boston I and thousands of people poured into Boston Common the night of December 4 to demonstrate outrage over court decisions exonerating police officers who killed Ferguson Missouri's Michael Brown, and New York City's Eric Garner.
You can visit16 strategic sites associated with the independence movement along the two- and-a-half mile Freedom trail that winds its way from the Boston common via the site of the Boston Massacre, across the charles River, ending ultimately at the Bunker Hill Monument.
On September 28, the runners ran a lap around Boston Common and were treated to an after-race party that featured a wedding DJ, mimosa bar, and brunch.
18th century grillwork on the Boston Common and led the parade around
Boston Common is the oldest public park in the United States.
A British Stamp officer was hung in effigy from an elm on Boston Common which came to be known as the Liberty Tree.
There was a march to Boston Common with revellers singing Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline, anthem of the Boston Red Sox.

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