Boston Latin School

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Boston Latin School,

at Boston; opened 1635 as a school for boys; one of the oldest free public schools in the United States. Many famous men attended the school, including five signers of the Declaration of Independence and four presidents of Harvard. In 1972 it became coeducational.


See P. Marson, Breeder of Democracy (1963).

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Bob grew up in Brighton, MA, graduated from Boston Latin High School, Marietta College, and Andover Newton Theological School.
Stuyvesant High School ranked thirty-first on the list; Boston Latin High School ranked thirty-eighth; and Thomas Jefferson High School ranked first on the Gold Metal School list.
Preparation for the competition, begun two weeks ago, pools the talents and expertise of leading engineers at York, along with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) faculty and students, and nine students from the Boston Latin High School, Boston.
Team 125 - Brookline High School and Boston Latin High School, sponsored by Northeastern University and Textron

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