Boston Latin School

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Boston Latin School,

at Boston; opened 1635 as a school for boys; one of the oldest free public schools in the United States. Many famous men attended the school, including five signers of the Declaration of Independence and four presidents of Harvard. In 1972 it became coeducational.


See P. Marson, Breeder of Democracy (1963).

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Bob grew up in Brighton, MA, graduated from Boston Latin High School, Marietta College, and Andover Newton Theological School.
Stuyvesant High School ranked thirty-first on the list; Boston Latin High School ranked thirty-eighth; and Thomas Jefferson High School ranked first on the Gold Metal School list.
And essay subjects include schoolgirl editors at Boston Latin High School, society women editing special "women's editions" of newspapers, Ann Stephens at the Portland Magazine, Miriam Frank Leslie at Frank Leslie's Chimney Corner, Frances Wright at the Free Enquirer, Marianna Burgess editing the Indian Helper at the Carlisle Indian School, Pauline Hopkins at the Colored American Magazine, Lucy Stone at the Woman's Journal, Caroline Kirkland at the Union Magazine, Mary Louise Booth at Harper's Bazar, and Kate Field at Kate Field's Washington.
Last year, a US Appeals Court judge ruled that the prestigious Boston Latin High School violated a prospective white student's constitutional rights when it denied her admission, so the city adopted a race-blind admissions policy for its elite schools.
Team 125 - Brookline High School and Boston Latin High School, sponsored by Northeastern University and Textron

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