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(networking, chat, World-Wide Web)
(From "robot") Any type of autonomous software that operates as an agent for a user or a program or simulates a human activity. On the Internet, the most popular bots are programs (called spiders or crawlers) used for searching. They access web sites, retrieve documents and follow all the hyperlinks in them; then they generate catalogs that are accessed by search engines.

A chatbot converses with humans (or other bots). A shopbot searches the Web to find the best price for a product. Other bots (such as OpenSesame) observe a user's patterns in navigating a website and customises the site for that user.

Knowbots collect specific information from websites.
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(1) See robot, chatbot, botnet and botcloud.

(2) (roBOT) A search engine program that indexes the Web. See spider.

(3) (roBOT) A program that performs a repetitive function 24/7 or waits in the background to be triggered by some event (time of day, receipt of data, etc.). The term bot is used for myriad "intelligent agents" on the Web, and it is estimated that more than half the Web's traffic comes from bots and not humans. A bot can be programmed to do almost anything from posting a message to starting up or closing down other software processes.

A bot is often used to find information. For example, a "spider" is a search engine bot that "crawls" the Web 24/7 looking for Web pages. A bot can also run in a user's machine or in a server in a private network. See social bot, scalper bot, spambot, chatbot, agent, CAPTCHA and trolling.

(4) (BOT) (Beginning Of Tape) The status of a magnetic tape file when it is first mounted in the drive. See BOF.

(5) (BOT) (Bulk-Only Transport) The early USB protocol for external storage drives. See UASP.
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They attacked Bote and his driver in front of the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) office in Cabanatuan City.
This shift would eventually include the editorial offices of the Bote.
El comportamiento alimentario fue significativamente frecuente durante las actividades de buceo apnea, en tanto el descanso fue frecuente durante paseos en bote y la ocurrencia de estaciones de limpieza fue frecuente durante actividades de buceo autonomo ([ji al cuadrado] = 168,765; P [menor que o igual a] 0,001; 8 g.l.).
Then Mayor Bote was assassinated by still unidentified gunmen in his vehicle upon exiting the National Irrigation Administration compound on July 3, 2018.
Bote was shot by one of three suspects while the mayor was in a Toyota Fortuner that had just come out of the gate of the National Irrigation Administration office in Cabanatuan City.
A suspect in the killing of Mayor Ferdinand Bote of General Tinio, Nueva Ecija, was arrested on Wednesday by policemen conducting a checkpoint in Camarines Sur.
Maddon also put catcher Willson Contreras into the leadoff spot and had right-handed hitting David Bote at second base.
In a report by Forbes magazine, the Spanish music video, 'Te Bote (Remix)' by Nio Garcia and Casper and Darell Magico featuring Nicky Jam, Bad Bunny and Ozuna topped the list with almost 1.5 billion views.
Rosalinda Bote, NIA-UPRIIS department manager, clarified that "hindi po totoong magre-release ng tubig ang Pantabangan Dam taliwas sa mga kumakalat na mga balita, in fact, the water elevation of the dam is still below from targeted water elevation the onset of the wet season".
Police have arrested one of the suspects in the killing of General Tinio, Nueva Ecija Mayor Ferdinand Bote.