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"The conservation of the Botticelli will give visitors a unique opportunity to see work that normally only goes on behind the scenes."
We can remember that it was Botticelli who, in a stroke of genius, overcame the daunting problem of the newly discovered perspective, setting his classical gods and goddesses into receding landscapes where, in the work of earlier painters, they had appeared as rather stiff, unabsorbed ciphers, much resembling cut out figures plonked down awkwardly against alien cityscapes.
The work was thought to be an imitation of Sandro Botticelli's famous Madonna Of The Pomegranate.
"I noticed instantly that the painting bore a striking resemblance to the workshop of Botticelli himself."
Italian elegance: We took our free dinners at Botticelli restaurant, which features the art of Italian master Sandro Botticelli.
Tracey Burg, RD, LDN, who teaches the classes, says that after talking with Botticelli, a program for addiction recovery patients was "a no-brainer."
A contemporary of Botticelli, Da Vinci was the ultimate Renaissance icon who excelled at whatever he touched.
As a part of the transaction, 28,875,000 equity shares of face value of INR 1 each ('Equity Shares') of Eris Lifesciences Limited (or Eris Lifesciences) were offered for cash at a price of INR 603 per Equity Share, aggregating to INR 1741.16 Crore through an offer for sale by certain shareholders of Eris Lifesciences, including Botticelli (the 'Offer').
Ladbrokes: 4 Big Orange, 7 Commissioned, Pallasator, Sword Fighter, 8 Quest For More, Curbyourenthusiasm, Trip To Paris, 12 Antiquarium, Sandro Botticelli, 14 bar.
Botticelli and Treasures From the Hamilton Collection
The Italian Renaissance is flavour of the month again, with major exhibitions on Giorgione and Botticelli running simultaneously in London at the Royal Academy and Victoria and Albert Museum.