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Botvinnik, Mikhail Moiseevich


Born Aug. 4 (17), 1911, in Repino, formerly Kuokkala. Soviet chess player; doctor of technical sciences (1951). A member of the CPSU since 1940. Grand master of the USSR (1935), international grand master (1950), Honored Master of Sport (1945). World champion (1948–57, 1958–60, 1961–63).

Botvinnik is a strategic chess player and an innovator in the area of chess theory, particularly theory of opening moves. He is the author of many works on chess. He has been awarded the Order of Lenin, three other orders, and medals.


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He was right, Smyslov did win that game, but Botvinnik won more and became world champion.
39) Marat Botvinnik, Pamiatniki genotsida evreev Belarusi (Minsk: Belaruskaia navuka, 2000), 13-21; Svidetel'stvuiutpalachi, 171-72.
It has been an invidious choice to select a game from the book, but in the end I decided on Mikhail Tal's first game then he met Botvinnik for the world championship in 1960.
Mijail Tahl, cuando le toco, a los 22 anos de edad, retar a Mijail Botvinnik, que estaba en la flor de la edad, como en los 40 anos, de pronto Mijail Tahl hace frente al campeon del mundo con un sacrificio de caballo, dice caballo por peon, se come un peon, y Botvinnik tarda 35 minutos para decidir si se puede comer el caballo o no.
His victory at the Nottingham tournament in 1936 was celebrated on the front page of Pravda, while Botvinnik himself sent a telegram to Stalin beginning |Dear beloved teacher and leader' which he later revealed had been dictated from Moscow.
Game three was the pivotal point in the match, with the score all even and Christiansen facing Chessmaster 9000's Botvinnik personality, which offered a balanced, counterattacking style.
Some of the world's greats, like Korchnoi, Smyslov and Botvinnik all played well, deep into their senior years.
He now becomes the oldest world champion after Mikhail Botvinnik.
Except for leading grandmasters Mikhail Botvinnik and Czech-born Salo Flohr, Soviet players were relatively unknown in the United States and had little international experience compared to the American team.
Among those players Keres bested were Botvinnik, Capablanca and Alekhine.
NOVICE WOMEN'S SECOND EIGHT - Third place: McRae (cox), Rosenfeld, Free, Austin, Mosher, Olga Botvinnik, Kler, Daniella Giustina, Becca LeafMeeker.
Half a century ago Mikhail Botvinnik published his book The Soviet School of Chess, which was an instant success.