Markos Botsaris

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Botsaris, Markos


Born 1790; died Aug. 21,1823. Hero of a Greek national liberation uprising during the years 1820–29. Born into an influential family in the mountain community of Suli.

During the war between Ali Pashe Tepelena and the sultan (1820–22), Botsaris commanded a detachment made up of inhabitants of Suli, which inflicted a number of defeats on the Turkish forces. Botsaris later took part in the defense of Mesolongion. On the night of Aug. 21, 1823, he led a small detachment on an attack on the significantly superior forces of the invaders near Karpenision. The Turks were routed, but Botsaris was killed in the battle.

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It seemed that a considerable number of young people weren't occupied with anything else but the fate of Botzaris [a brigand hero of the Greek Revolution], which today is nothing more than the name of a train station.
Thus, with a certain historical irony, the model of Mustapha, dressed differently, would become the Hellenic hero Notis Botzaris, who appeared in prints after the invasion of Greece by the Ottomans.
With: Romeo Botzaris, Isabelle Carre, Vincent Lindon, Nicolas Briancon, Alicia Djemai.