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Then the sample was fixed in the Bouin's solution, for approximately 18 h.
IB) becoming visible in embryos stained with Bouin's solution. This stage began on average on day 60 and lasted for about 32 days (Table 1).
Biopsy was sent to the pathology laboratory in Bouin's solution. With the help of the pathologist Tubular Fertility Index was determined using light microscopy with 40x magnification.
Also, a piece of the biopsy specimen was placed in a tube which contained Bouin's solution to fix the specimen for pathological investigation
Samples of tissues were also placed in cassettes and fixed in Bouin's solution for later histological processing (see Shields et al.
Testes were removed and fixed in Bouin's solution, embedded in paraffin an stained with Hematoxilina and Eosin Y.
Firstly, the boiling shrimp sample was fixed to preserve its tissues in Bouin's solution. After that, water from the tissues was removed.
After 30 min, cells were washed with phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) and fixed with Bouin's solution for 5 min.
For gonadal histology, 30 fish were fixed in toto for 24 hr in Bouin's solution and stored in 70% industrial methylated spirits (IMS) before processing for histology.