Boulder Dam

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Boulder Dam:

see Hoover DamHoover Dam,
726 ft (221 m) high and 1,244 ft (379 m) long, on the Colorado River between Nev. and Ariz.; one of the world's largest dams. Built between 1931 and 1936 by the U.S.
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Likewise, the Imperial Irrigation District's 1926 view book, Boulder Dam, All-American Canal Project, and Imperial Valley Pictorially, included images of all the major water resources of the project and the agricultural lands in Imperial County that would benefit from it.
Secretary of the Interior Raymond Wilbur, in rejecting the community as a place to house the Boulder Dam construction workers, was not as charitable in his characterization of Las Vegas which he saw as a 'boisterous frontier town'.
Documentaries from the 1930s are also included in the collection, detailing events such as the creation of Boulder Dam and the establishment of the US's national and state park system.
He was in America to see the president opening the Boulder Dam.
He served with several Scout councils in Southern California and with the Boulder Dam Area Council in Las Vegas.
Tours to the Grand Canyon, Boulder Dam and the Lake Mead Recreational Center are just a few of the optional events available to attendees.
With the remodel of the Boulder Dam Hotel just completed and the theater's renovation under way, residents are hoping to bring back some of the town's past glamour.
The economic depression in the United States and the construction of the Boulder Dam limited Mead's ability to assist Palestine and Jewish colonization.
Proteoid roots were observed actively growing up into the leaf litter forming a tightly bound laminated mat up to 30 mm deep within a litter dam-microterrace and a boulder dam at the unburnt site only.
contract ever granted: $50 million to construct the Boulder Dam.
The conditions of life and labor on the Boulder Dam project also stand as a commentary on the problems of planning and coordinating such a project and on the human cost of getting the project underway before arrangements had been made to deal with living conditions.
The MacDonalds were in heavy construction in the West and helped build the Boulder Dam, the Golden Gate Bridge and Candlestick Park.

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