inflatable structure

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pneumatic structure

A very lightweight enclosed structure, usually fabricated of a membrane of an impervious material and supported by the difference in air pressure between the exterior and the interior of the structure rather than by a structural framework. Fans must maintain the interior pressure slightly in excess of normal atmospheric pressure to prevent the structure from slowly deflating and collapsing. Used primarily as a temporary enclosure or to house sports facilities such as tennis courts and swimming pools. Also called an air-supported structure.
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And as well as the bouncy castle and sitcom script, forgetful Middlesbrough guests also failed to take with them a brand new Macbook computer, an antique urn containing the ashes of a family pet and a 4ft wedding cake.
We had a piper who played in Santa before he gave out presents and everyone enjoyed the games and bouncy castle we had in the hall.
Magistrates in Llandudno were told that it was the second time that Kendrick, 34, of Greenfield Road, Holywell, who runs the Krazy Kastles bouncy castles business in Connah's Quay had refused to provide a specimen.
Mr Barrington, who has experience of the event, said: "We are in the middle of a Guinness World Record attempt for the longest marathon of bouncing on a bouncy castle.
He added: "There was a bouncy castle at the family fun day yesterday but it was not in the graveyard it was the churchyard and there have not been any recorded burials there.
To give you some sense of scale, the side turrets of the bouncy castle are equal in height to the walls of Cardiff Castle, making it taller than the Great Wall of China and roughly three times the size of the Berlin Wall.
She was alone in the bouncy castle at a fair in Harlow, Essex, when a gust of wind tore its moorings from the ground.
A man and a woman, understood to be from the family-run bouncy castle firm, have been arrested by police on suspicion of manslaughter by gross negligence.
Terri Rickards was at the park yesterday and said on Facebook that she would not lands in field allow her children on the bouncy castle as it looked unsafe.
Yesterday, we revealed further images of Stewart throwing and dragging the boy, who is aged two-and-ahalf, on a bouncy castle.
I'm offering a PS200 reward for the return of my bouncy castle, while the police have a few interesting lines of enquiry to follow up.
Donkey rides and bouncy castle fun at Birkbees Family Fun Day