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town (1990 pop. 16,064), Barnstable co., SE Mass., crossed by Cape Cod Canal; settled 1627, inc. 1884. Bourne Bridge (1935), across the canal, made the town an entry point to Cape Cod and a resort and commercial center. The nearby Massachusetts Military Reservation and Otis Air Force Base have been important to the economy.


A small intermittent stream in a dry valley.
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Bourne knows about Treadstone and Blackbriar, but there are, like, 20 other programs that he may know nothing about that other people are in
Tommy Lee Jones is the new CIA director wanting Bourne dead and Alicia Vikander is his ambitious analyst who has murky motives.
Jason Bourne is a slow burn for the opening half hour, but once the script lights the fuse on manifold deceptions, there's little time to breathe between plot revelations and bloodthirsty retribution.
Meanwhile, audiences are expected to forget both "The Bourne Legacy?
We have invested in funds managed by The Carlyle Group for many years and have developed close relationships across the firm, said Bournes Founder and CEO, Banks Bourne.
In a nod to that 1946 film, Bourne uses the sign 'Man Wanted', with its double meaning, to lure Luca to stay in this claustrophobic and ultramacho small town.
The 42-year-old director, who has previously made three 'Fast and Furious' films for 'Bourne' studio Universal, is aboard for the upcoming sequel to 'The Bourne Legacy', Huffington Post reported.
The business combination comes after Bite's owner Next Fifteen Communications Plc (LON:NFC) took control of CMG Worldwide Limited, trading as Bourne, in May 2011.
The Bourne Legacy, which is neither a sequel nor a reboot, is not only standing in a shadow, dwarfed by the three previous box office hits, but it was also missing something vital C* Bourne
The movie overlaps with the moment when Bourne goes public about the government's intelligence programmes.
Renner plays super-soldier/spy Aaron Cross, who unlike Bourne is fully aware of who he is and what's required of him.
Hence The Bourne Legacy, directed by Tony Gilroy, writer of the previous Bourne trilogy and co-writer of Legacy with his brother Dan.