In French Vernacular architecture of the southern United States, lime mortar or clay mixed with small stones; used as infilling between half-timbering with diagonal braces (columbage); also See bousillage.
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Ten years later, satires were still praising her good nature, the 1688 Session of Ladyes calling her "Chestnut-man'd Boutel, whom all the Town F_ks.
La peur atteint son paroxysme quand Sarssar Boutel, un sergent-intendant de la colonne, charge de fouiller les lieux, trouve le N'komo, le fetiche sacre des Azna, qu'il detruit pour calmer la peur des tirailleurs.
Perrin uses three forwards - Patrice Loko, Samuel Boutel and Nicolas Gousse - but two, Loko and Boutel drop off, which means Gousse will fight a lonely battle up front.
43) These productions featured William Wintersel as the King, Major Mohun as Melantius, Charles Hart as Amintor, William Shatterel as Calianax, Rebecca Marshall as Evadne, and Elizabeth Davenport Boutel as Aspatia.
The mud-slinging got under way when Pierre Boutel, president of ANTEM, issued a whole series of allegations.
And Boutel branded the voting system flawed, because the jury of 10 celebrities had two-thirds of the vote, while 300,000 TV viewers who voted by phone had only one third.
20 As Adrian Boutel has pointed out to me, Gould sometimes conflates the sensitive dependence of evolutionary history to initial conditions with the sensitivity of evolutionary history to external, extra-biological events.