bow wave

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bow wave

[′bau̇ ‚wāv]
(fluid mechanics)
A shock wave occurring in front of a body, such as an airfoil, or apparently attached to the forward tip of the body.

bow shock wave

bow shock waveclick for a larger image
A shock wave that forms when the aircraft is flying at a speed faster than the speed of sound. A bow wave is a shock wave in front of a body, such as an airfoil, or is apparently attached to the forward tip of the body.

compression wave

compression waveclick for a larger image
A shock wave that forms on the surface of an airfoil moving through the air at supersonic speeds. The reverse phenomenon is an expansion wave. Also called bow wave. See also bow shock wave and expansion wave.
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If the present bow wave is allowed to arrive, it will bring with it not just billions in hardware, but constant pressure to either raid or expand the readiness account, or to fire more active combat troops in favor of reserves.
Mr Marsh said: "What we are seeing is probably the bow wave of what we're going to see in the future.
Commenting on the sinking, he added: "A number of witnesses have said the vessel was sailing under a bridge and seems to have hit some sort of bow wave and turned turtle.
That came in an end-of-season maiden on turf at Doncaster, where he was 11th of 21 to Bow Wave after being made 13-2 joint-favourites.
They charge through deep floods at an incredible speed, thinking that the quicker they get through the less chance there is of stalling, because the bow wave they create will somehow create an air space and protect the engine.
Having moth-balled Rumpole for the time being, the rotund former barrister has come up with another magnificent caricature in the shape of Leslie Titmuss, son of a clerk in a local brewery, who got elected alon g with Thatcher, and proceeded to ride the Baroness's bow wave to fame and fortune.
Part of the enigma is the affordability of this bow wave.
The last few years represents just the bow wave of a whole new economy, one based on creating higher returns on capital by leveraging other companies' offerings for everything but your own company's core value add," said Geoff Moore, venture partner at Mohr Davidow Ventures.
A PROBLEM for many of us who fish still waters is what to do when trout bow wave after the fly and then disappear when you think they are about to take.
They changed their mind and reversed back along the causeway, setting up a huge rear bow wave," he added.
All the bets are founded on good ground, the yards that will bring bounty or bankruptcy are in almost edibly good form and I approach the meeting on a bow wave of supreme confidence.
The slowdown and stretching of major acquisition programs are a familiar practice in the Defense Department, leading to a scenario known as a "procurement bow wave.