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bowhead whale:

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name for whales of the family Balaenidae. They were so named by whalers, who for centuries considered them "the right whales" to hunt, because they float when killed and because they yield enormous quantities of oil and of baleen.
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July 14( ANI ): In a new threat to a number of Arctic animals like polar bears, bowhead whales and other such animals, the United States (US) has permitted an Italian multinational oil and gas company to go ahead with drilling plans in federal waters off Alaska.
Age and growth estimates of Bowhead Whales (Balaena mysticetus) via aspartic acid racemization.
Data on the scarring of bowhead whales from line entanglements, ship strikes, and killer whales (Orcinus orca) were collected from legally harvested bowheads and also from aerial surveys, opportunistic sightings, and stranding events (Philo et al.
Any risk to the survival of the bowhead whale [that] may be posed by the continuance of aboriginal whaling cannot be justified on nutritional grounds" (37).
Scientists, for a long period of time, have tried understanding how the bowhead whales live for a longer time when compared to other species of the whales that died before they reached 100.
Studies on bowhead whales demonstrate that traveling whales spend less time near the surface when in the vicinity of seismic operations, while feeding and socializing whales were more tolerant of such activities (Robertson et al.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Scientists have published the first range-wide genetic analysis of the bowhead whale using hundreds of samples from both modern populations and archaeological sites used by indigenous Arctic hunters thousands of years ago.
Russia s Inuits and other indigenous people will be able to hunt up to 744 gray whales between 2013 and 2018, while native Alaskans will have the right to kill up to 336 bowhead whales over the same time period.
While the melting trend has broader implications, the initial concern is for narwhals, and beluga and bowhead whales, which are already threatened.
John Craighead George (the son of Jean) has profound regard for both the bowhead whales he studies and the Inupiaq families who hunt them.
So do subsistence hunters in the Bering Sea, who are perhaps more motivated than anyone to conserve bowhead whales.
Mads Peter Heide-Jorgensen and colleagues from the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources recently observed a rendezvous between two satellite-tagged bowhead whales in the waters north of the Canadian mainland.