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any member of a family of fishes, Ostraciidae, also called boxfishes, that have short triangular bodies covered by firmly united hexagonal bony plates. Only the jaw, the bases of the fins, and the tail protrude from this carapace, and the locomotion of these fishes is
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Aquarist Lynsey Thompson said: "The sharks are a little bit dopey, and by the time they spurred themselves into action the box fish had eaten all the food.
We started handfeeding them to make sure they got enough, and now, even though the box fish have been moved to another tank, the sharks still want their meals hand delivered.
PLEA Photographer James BEHIND YOU Box fish on the menu IDYLLIC Tribe's spectacular home MY GR-EIGHT CATCH Fisherman Jatmin swims back to his boat clutching the body of a freshly speared octopus BREATHTAKING Bajau youngsters spend minutes at a time underwater HOLD ON Enal hitches lift offshark