Box girder

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box girder

[′bäks ‚gər·dər]
(civil engineering)
A hollow girder or beam with a square or rectangular cross section. Also known as box beam.

Box girder

A hollow beam with either a square, rectangular or circular cross section; sometimes vertical instead of horizontal, and attached firmly to the ground like a cantilever.

box beam, box girder

A hollow beam, usually rectangular in section; if fabricated of steel, the sides are steel plates welded together, or they may be riveted together by steel angles at the corners.
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On the San Antonio "Y" bridges the surface drainage from the top of the bridge was carried in ducts cast into the cantilever wings of the box girder, to the interior of the box and finally discharged through the piers into a storm drainage system.
The normal stress, shear stress and principle tensile stress in the box girder cross-section of Xintan Bridge is calculated and analyzed by the space frame lattice model.
Selected Bridge Description: A cast*in*place three span continuous box girder bridge was selected having a total length of 150 m.
the bridge girder span length ranges from 20 to 60 m for both I and box girder.
The high torsional strength of box girder makes it particularly suitable for sharp curve alignment so as to accommodate to topography along traffic lines, skewed piers and abutment, superelevation, and transitions such as interchange ramp structures.
Box girder cranes have a light weight-to-span length ratio, engineers note.
Segmental construction techniques will be required to support the designs created for the bridge, and sources suggest a 1,400m segmental twin box girder bridge will be installed on the Deira side of the project.
Designs for the bridge mean that a segmental construction technique will be necessary, with a 1,400m segmental twin box girder bridge on the Deira side of the project.
For the suspended portions, the deck superstructure is a box girder of a triple-cell steel box; prestressed twin-cell boxes are used for the sections over the piers.
The box girder with a closed cross-section, which has better global behaviour, larger torsion stiffness and an effective top and bottom concrete flange in compression, is widely used in large bridge structures.
It is a pre-stressed post-tensioned balanced cantilever box girder bridge with a total length of 1116 feet.