Box girder

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box girder

[′bäks ‚gər·dər]
(civil engineering)
A hollow girder or beam with a square or rectangular cross section. Also known as box beam.
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Box girder

A hollow beam with either a square, rectangular or circular cross section; sometimes vertical instead of horizontal, and attached firmly to the ground like a cantilever.
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box beam, box girder

A hollow beam, usually rectangular in section; if fabricated of steel, the sides are steel plates welded together, or they may be riveted together by steel angles at the corners.
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Frey-Fil used match-casted segmental box girders instead of the more conventional AashtoI-girder system to allow a longer bridge center span and avoid the costly and lengthy construction of a pier in the middle of the river.
For an example, the number of elements is found to be 25220, 98188 and 1474170 for the box girder bridge model when the element sizes are taken as 400, 200 and 50 mm, respectively.
Researches in [17-20] had shown that interaction mechanism of internal blast is more complex, and the destructive effect is more strongly than free air explosion, so the study of internal explosion of steel box girder is necessary and imperative.
the bridge girder span length ranges from 20 to 60 m for both I and box girder. the moving load analysis is done to receive shear, torsion and bending moments for worst condition.
This makes the earliest repair time for corroded steel box girders around nine and eight years for the interior and exterior girders, respectively (Figures 7, 8).
"The deck is a hybrid, with a concrete deck and below, steel box girders," Dragan said.
The bearing capacity of box girders is in functional dependence on geometric parameters of the girder and the active (external) load.
Up to now, the span of bridge exceeds 1900 m, and the depth and the width of the box girder are more than 13 m and 35 m, respectively [5-7].
"Delivery of such heavy structures has been a logistical challenge but the fabrication of the box girders is very much our business.
The case of box girders is relatively simple, with plate geometries and non-complex propagation paths, a greater level of complexity occurs in steel-reinforced concrete bridge structures.
It is a simple plane, made of steel box girders, which opens like a long new square from the tree-lined boulevard on the west bank to terminate at two thin pylons (in the Egyptian sense) on the other side of the canal.
Material solutions were both steel and concrete, including designs employing trapezoidal steel box girders, rectangular steel box girders, a cable-stayed concept, a cast-in-place concrete arch bridge, and a hybrid consisting of a segmental post-tensioned precast concrete girder combined with a precast arch.