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(bräch), Ital. Brazza, island, 152 sq mi (394 sq km), off the Dalmatian coast in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia. It is a popular summer resort and tourist spot. Supetar (Ital. San Pietro), a small port, is the island's chief town. The island was fought over by Serbs and Croats following the breakup of Yugoslavia.



an island in the eastern part of the Adriatic Sea, part of the Dalmatian Archipelago; belongs to Yugoslavia. Area, 396 sq km. Its surface is a limestone ridge with an elevation up to 778 m, steeply declining southward toward the sea. The northern slopes are gentle and terraced. There is karst development. Vegetation of Mediterranean evergreen bushes and forests is predominant. On the lower slopes and in the valleys vineyards and olive trees are cultivated. The basic settlements are Supetar, Milna, Bol, and Pučišće.

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While difficult, the BRAC process has significantly improved and recapitalized our base structure and achieved savings a fact recognized by the Government Accountability Office.
Under his direction, each school quickly organized teams to implement the BRAC directive.
DOD uses the same method to propose funding for cleanup at FUDS, active sites, and BRAC sites; cleanup funding is based on DERP goals and is generally proportional to the number of sites in each of these categories.
The BRAC started its activities five years ago in Afghanistan.
The BRAC process is part of a larger DoD strategy to transform our military force to one that is more agile and more flexible and can focus more power, more quickly, exactly where it is needed.
These decisions supplement Air Force's long-established strategy called "PALACE Compass"--part of Defense Department regionalization efforts directed by BRAC to consolidate transactional civilian personnel services.
If affected by BRAC, old jobs will go away, and people will have to compete for new positions wherever available.
Hussain, Managing Director & CEO, BRAC Bank Limited, formally inaugurated the branch at Balibhadra Bazaar, Ganakbari, Dhamsuna in Ashulia.
The Defense Department has used BRAC to close more than 350 installations in five rounds from 1988 to 2005 as a way to more effectively reallocate troops at times when rapid military adjustments needed to be made.
In addition to direct-to-bank deposits, Transfast customers can collect cash from any of BRAC Bank's 166 branches, 50 SME Unit Offices and more than 100,000 bKash agents.
On the occasion, BRAC delegation appreciated the efforts of the foundation in promoting quality education in the poor communities and termed it a best model for educating children belonging to deserving communities.
BRAC Bank, established in 2001, is majorly owned by the world's largest non-governmental organization, BRAC, and is leading the payment industry in the country with a progressive approach such as mobile payment service.