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(bräch), Ital. Brazza, island, 152 sq mi (394 sq km), off the Dalmatian coast in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia. It is a popular summer resort and tourist spot. Supetar (Ital. San Pietro), a small port, is the island's chief town. The island was fought over by Serbs and Croats following the breakup of Yugoslavia.
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an island in the eastern part of the Adriatic Sea, part of the Dalmatian Archipelago; belongs to Yugoslavia. Area, 396 sq km. Its surface is a limestone ridge with an elevation up to 778 m, steeply declining southward toward the sea. The northern slopes are gentle and terraced. There is karst development. Vegetation of Mediterranean evergreen bushes and forests is predominant. On the lower slopes and in the valleys vineyards and olive trees are cultivated. The basic settlements are Supetar, Milna, Bol, and Pučišće.

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