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city (1991 est. pop. 86,316), capital of Braga dist., NW Portugal, in Minho. It is an agricultural trade center that produces electronics, textiles, and firearms. The ancient Bracara Augusta, it had considerable importance in Roman days, but was of much more importance in the Middle Ages as the see of the bishop of Braga, who rivaled the bishop of Toledo in power. As the seat of Portugal's titular primate, the city is still a religious center. In the old cathedral is the tomb of Henry of Burgundy. Nearby is the well-known pilgrimage site of Bom Jesus doMonte.
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an old Russian national beverage with a low alcohol content (up to 1.5 percent alcohol by volume). Product of alcoholic fermentation.

Braga is made from a mixture of rye malt and dry kvass, hops, and sugar, by drawing the raw grain material, mixing the must with sugar syrup, and then fermenting it with more hops. Braga is an opaque brown liquid that tastes like beer. At a temperature of 20° C, braga will keep for at least five days.

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a city in N Portugal: capital of the Roman province of Lusitania; 12th-century cathedral, seat of the Primate of Portugal. Pop.: 164 193 (2001)
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All other volumes of this academic journal referred to in this paper have the new name of Bracara Augusta.
Recoge un camino que comunica Asturica con Bracara Augusta a traves de las tierras astures meridionales y la region de Tras-os-Montes; dicha ruta coincide en buena medida con la via XVII del Itinerario de Antonino, salvo el tramo entre Ad Aquas y Bracara.
Resulta muy interesante, asimismo, la posibilidad de que la Isings 116 tenga su origen en el centro productor de Bracara Augusta.
RESUMEN: Este trabajo pretende realizar un estudio comparativo de los diferentes edificios termales localizados en distintas ciudades romanas del Valle del Duero (Aquae Flauiae, Bracara Augusta, Asturica Augusta, Clunia Sulpicia, Lancia, Termes, Tongobriga, Uxama Argaela).