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a multilayered archaeological site in southern India (Mysore), excavated by the English archaeologist R. Wheeler in 1947.

The exploration of Brahmagiri permitted the investigation of the successive changing of cultures and of their development in southern India from the Neolithic age to the culture of the Andhra dynasty (end of the first century and the second century A.D.). The first layer (tenth to third century B.C.) dates from the so-called culture of the southern polished stone ax. Neolithic polished axes, microlite, molded ceramics, and various brass and bronze objects have been found.

The next culture dates from the Iron Age (from the third century B.C. to the first century A.D.). It is characterized by dark red ceramics and by special burial places that are customarily called megaliths. Some investigators attribute the change in culture to migrations from the north by Dravidian-speaking tribes; others see it as a development of native cultures.


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The origin of Mahanadi is Sihawa mountain range in Chhattisgarh; Tunga and Bhadra rivers though called Tungabhadra river originate from Western ghats of Karnataka; Godavari originates from Brahmagiri mountain range on the Western Ghats of Maharashtra; Krishna originates from Mahabeleswar in Maharashtra, a part of Western Ghats.
And why only in one place here, while at Chitradurga there is a cluster of three such inscription within a relatively small area at Brahmagiri, Siddapura, and Jatinga-Rameshwara?
As inscricoes de Ashoka, em Sopara, na costa de Mumbai, Sanci, na India central, Erragudi, Maski, Brahmagiri e Kopbal, no sul do Deccan, atestam que essa area esteve sob o dominio dos Maurya.
Norman mentioned "covering letters" in connection with the Minor Rock Edicts, (20) however not in connection with the opening of Brahmagiri, but in a discussion of the end of the Rupnath and Sahasram inscriptions: (21)
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Tahasil Office Building At Brahmagiri For 2017-18.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of New Administrative Building Of Brahmagiri Panchayat Samiti At Brahmagiri G And 1 For The Year 2017-18 Composite Work
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