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(brāl), in astronomy, a small asteroidasteroid,
or minor planet,
small body orbiting the sun. More than 300,000 asteroids have been identified and cataloged; more than a million are believed to exist in the main belt between Mars and Jupiter, with many more in the Kuiper belt
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 notable because it has the same atypical geologic composition as the larger asteroid VestaVesta
, in astronomy, the fourth asteroid to be discovered. It was found in 1807 by H. Olbers. It is the third largest asteroid in size, with a diameter of c.326 mi (525 km). Its average distance from the sun is 2.36 astronomical units, and the period of its orbit is 1,325 days.
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. In 1999 the space probe Deep Space 1 passed within 16 mi (26 km) of Braille's surface, the closest flyby ever of an asteroid. Braille measures only 1.3 mi (2.1 km) by 0.6 mi (1 km). Its orbit is highly elliptical; its periapsis, or closest point to the sun, being midway between earth and Mars, and its apoapsis, or furthest point from the sun, is more than three times further from the sun than the earth is. In addition, much of Braille's orbit is a considerable distance above or below the ecliptic, the plane in which the planets circle the sun. Because of its orbit and geologic composition, it has been suggested that Braille was torn from Vesta, which has a huge crater, as the result of Vesta's collision with another celestial body.
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A system of written communication for the blind in which letters are represented by raised dots over which the trained blind person moves the fingertips.
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Louis . 1809--52, French inventor, musician, and teacher of the blind, who himself was blind from the age of three and who devised the Braille system of raised writing
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(human language)
/breyl/ (Often capitalised) A class of writing systems, intended for use by blind and low-vision users, which express glyphs as raised dots. Currently employed braille standards use eight dots per cell, where a cell is a glyph-space two dots across by four dots high; most glyphs use only the top six dots.

Braille was developed by Louis Braille (pronounced /looy bray/) in France in the 1820s. Braille systems for most languages can be fairly trivially converted to and from the usual script.

Braille has several totally coincidental parallels with digital computing: it is binary, it is based on groups of eight bits/dots and its development began in the 1820s, at the same time Charles Babbage proposed the Difference Engine.

Computers output Braille on braille displays and braille printers for hard copy.

British Royal National Institute for the Blind.
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Originally from Long Island, New York, KATIE BRAILE relocated to Nashville to study Music Business and Marketing at Belmont University.
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Neste questionario os professores avaliaram as adaptacoes do jogo de acordo com as deficiencias de seus alunos (deficientes auditivos, surdos e cegos) e relataram pontos positivos como as cores, som, o braile em auto relevo e a possibilidade do aluno ver o erro cometido.
Al principio Ana descubre azorada la cicatriz inconfundible que luego reconoce en algunos de los ciegos, una herida que mas tarde puede leer en Braile y en la que esta cifrado el anagrama de su propio nombre.
It defeats the whole purpose of providing a consistent treatment of the entire face," Jeff Braile, president of the medical products division at Apira Science, told Happi.
E e com a proposta de inclusao que a fotografa organiza suas exposicoes, onde alem das descricoes em braile e audiovisuais de cada obra, realiza um trabalho manual de tratamento das fotografias no qual insere relevos nas bordas das imagens, permitindo assim a utilizacao do tato para sua compreensao.
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