Brain Trust

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Brain Trust,

the group of close advisers to Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he was governor of New York state and during his first years as President. The name was applied to them because the members of the group were drawn from academic life. This informal advisory group on the New Deal included Columbia Univ. professors Raymond MoleyMoley, Raymond Charles
, 1886–1975, American political economist, b. Berea, Ohio, grad. Baldwin-Wallace College, 1906, Ph.D. Columbia, 1918. He taught at Western Reserve Univ.
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, Adolf A. BerleBerle, Adolf Augustus, Jr.
, 1895–1971, American lawyer and public official, b. Boston. Admitted to the bar in 1916, he served in World War I and was a member of the American delegation to the Paris Peace Conference.
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, Jr., and Rexford G. TugwellTugwell, Rexford Guy,
1891–1979, American economist and political scientist, b. Chautauqua co., N.Y., grad. Wharton School, Univ. of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1915; Ph.D., 1922). He taught economics at the Univ. of Pennsylvania (1915–17), the Univ.
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 and expanded to include many more academicians. It soon disintegrated, but the term has remained in common usage for similar groups.


See study by R. G. Tugwell (1968).

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Even 40 percent of supporters of the opposition Kuomintang said they were in favor of a plebiscite on the topic, according to Taiwan Brain Trust executive officer Chen Chih-chung, the son of former President Chen Shui-bian.
The officials of the Brain Trust have hailed the leading scientific achievements of the Yemeni scientist, which made her worthy of this award.
The story of The Brain Trust revolves around the loyalty and connection to one of our pre-eminent members by a group of women who wanted to see him be successful," said Arthur J.
The CFR brain trust is fully aware that a nation's control of its own national currency and monetary policy is essential to economic sovereignty, and economic sovereignty is essential to political sovereignty.
As for Diaz, the Clippers' basketball brain trust, including director of player personnel Neil Olshey and director of scouting Gary Sacks, were overjoyed that he was available at No.
The Report from Iron Mountain was reportedly a leaked government study produced by an elite brain trust of 15 Insiders led by CFR member Herman Kahn, founder of the Hudson Institute.
Funny thing about ``O'Grady,'' the animated comedy on The N created by the brain trust behind Comedy Central's ``Dr.
Placating the Republican Party's conservative base may prove more difficult than the Bush brain trust believes.
Hawaii, the opening-week opponent, was going to be the first test for the Trojans coaching staff's new offensive brain trust.