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Dr Shawabekh was also keen to take the opportunity on World Stroke Day, which fell on October 29 to explain that despite early intervention, prevention for brain attack is far better than cure, with lifestyle changes being the key to minimising the risk.
A stroke or "brain attack" is a form of cardiovascular disease.
The Joint Commission's Primary Stroke Center Certification is based on the recommendations for primary stroke centers published by the Brain Attack Coalition and the American Stroke Association's statements and guidelines for stroke care.
Stroke is a brain attack which causes brain damage.
To register your place to be part of history, fill in and follow instructions on the coupon, right, or contact The Stroke Association on 0121 444 1042, or email OUR SAY: PAGE 52 STROKE FACTFILE A stroke is a brain attack which causes brain damage.
William Pardridge and colleagues explain that erythropoietin is a protective protein that has engendered great medical interest for its potential in protecting brain cells cut off from their normal blood supply by a stroke, or brain attack.
He had suffered a stroke or ' brain attack' -- a rapid loss of brain functions because of disruption of blood supply.
In 2000 the Brain Attack Coalition (BAC) produced a groundbreaking paper that outlined the evidence in support of the essential elements of PCCs (Alberts et al., 2000).
Doctors called for the condition to be renamed "brain attack" to get across the need for urgent treatment.