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According to paired t -test (within groups) results, there were significant differences in the brain hemisphere treated with irradiation between preradiation period and all the time points after radiation treatment.
Most people don't know that our brain hemispheres don't develop together.
In each of the four cognitive evaluations, patients with bilateral carotid stenosis showed significant impairments, compared with the controls, in both brain hemispheres. In comparison, the patients with unilateral stenosis showed significant impairments only in the brain hemisphere directly connected to their stenotic carotid artery.
His special interest is cognitive neuroscience, and his empirical research has focused on the interaction of left and right brain hemispheres. Recent publications include studies on the behavioral impact of agenesis of the corpus callosum (i.e., congenital absence of the "bridge" between the hemispheres) and gender differences in the time to transfer electrical impulses between hemispheres, as measured by electroencephalography.
For average teens and college students, the left brain hemisphere performed the task faster for local matches while the right side was quicker at global matches.
In the 1970s, studies examining brain hemisphere differences and psi were conducted by a few researchers who used a similar experimental methodology: unselected participants took part in a forced-choice ESP task designed to activate one hemisphere while they simultaneously participated in a distracting task that would engage the other hemisphere (Broughton, 1976, 1977a; Maher, Peratsakis, & Schmeidler, 1979; Maher & Schmeidler, 1977).
What modern brain science is telling us and what brain-based educators fail to appreciate is that it makes no scientific sense to map gross, unanalyzed behaviors and skills reading, arithmetic, spatial reasoning onto one brain hemisphere or another.
Brain hemisphere preference is an accepted concept.
Coles debunks the explanations of neurological dysfunction, first proposed by Hinshelwood in the early 1900s, as well as the brain hemisphere dominance theory of Samuel Orton.
Left-handers exhibit, on average, ( a more developed right brain hemisphere , which is specialised for processes such as ( spatial reasoning and the ability to rotate ( mental representations of objects.
The Mind Mirror is 'a portable ECG machine that could monitor the alpha, beta and theta rhythms from each brain hemisphere (left and right neo-cortex) simultaneously.'
Benefits: Breathing through the right nostril tends to activate the left brain hemisphere and breathing through the left nostril tends to activate the right brain hemisphere.