brake horse power

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brake horse power (bhp)

The useful mechanical power supplied by an engine as determined by a friction brake or an absorption dynamometer that is applied to the shaft or fly-wheel of the engine.
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This is on a par with Vauxhall's Astra VXR, which is less powerful at 237 brake horse power and costs pounds 19,000.
Many are bamboozled by brake horse power, while some cannot tell their MPVs (multi-purpose vehicles) from their SUVs (sports utility vehicles), a survey by found.
"The Mini Cooper S is a slight step up from the Mini Cooper itself as these cars have 230 brake horse power.
It boasts a top speed of 189 mph, has a 400 brake horse power, 3.6 Litre, 40-Valve, 8-Cylinder engine and does 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds.
If 17-20s pass the full Standard Motorcycle License test they can ride any motorcycle up to 33 brake horse power.
Yesterday the jury heard that his super-charged CL class Mercedes Benz Kompressor had a braking power of 500 bhp compared with an average Vauxhall Vectra which had 122 bhp (brake horse power).
Before there can be brake horse power there must be fuel.
It has the same 2-litre, 150 brake horse power engine that goes into the Clio Williams, a top speed of 135 mph and goes from 0-62 mph in 6.9 seconds.
In the close-season he made some handling and engine modifications, entering the 2005 season with the car running at around 200 brake horse power.
THIS is brake horse power, which is a measurement of an engine's power output.