Joseph Bramah

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Bramah, Joseph

(brăm`ə, brä`–), 1748–1814, English inventor. In 1784 he took out his first patent on a safety lock, and in 1795 he patented his hydraulic press, known as the Bramah press (see under hydraulic machinehydraulic machine,
machine that derives its power from the motion or pressure of water or some other liquid. Hydraulic Engines

Water falling from one level to a lower one is used to drive machines like the water wheel and the turbine.
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). He devised a numerical printing machine for bank notes and was one of the first to suggest the practicability of screw propellers and of hydraulic transmission.
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For this sum he repainted the box, traced her initials on it, and affixed new hinges, a Bramah lock, and brass handles, at a cost to himself of ten shillings and several hours' labor.
I kept my trophies in a wardrobe drawer specially fitted with a Bramah lock.
The congregation of hat-boxes, and Bramah desks, and dressing-cases was prodigious.
In the wild regions of Kattiawar (and how wild they are, you will understand, when I tell you that even the husbandmen plough the land, armed to the teeth), the population is fanatically devoted to the old Hindoo religion-- to the ancient worship of Bramah and Vishnu.
said Lowten, drawing a Bramah key from his pocket, with a small plug therein, to keep the dust out.
Lowten extracted the plug from the door-key; having opened the door, replugged and repocketed his Bramah, and picked up the letters which the postman had dropped through the box, he ushered Mr.
But it is leavened by a large number of famous names, from writers like Samuel Johnson and Charles Dickens to giants of British invention like Matthew Boulton, Joseph Bramah, Humphrey Davy, Jethro Tull, John Nash, James Watt and Josiah Wedgwood.
His pal Jock Bramah returned home weeks earlier,but the body of their friend Vic Haines was washed ashore at St Valery,at the mouth of the River Somme.
Present-day pub fans will need no telling that some of the most famous breweries were rooted in Yorkshire but did you know that beer has been brewed in this county for 2,000 years and that the beer pump was invented by Joseph Bramah from Scarborough in 1748?
Anniversaries: 1671: Irish adventurer Colonel Thomas Blood attempted to steal the Crown Jewels; 1785: Joseph Bramah patented the beer pump handle; 1860: Birth of playwright Sir James Barrie; 1873: Birth of Egyptologist Howard Carter; 1932: Piccadilly Circus was first lit by electricity; 1949: Britain's first launderette opened in Queensway, London; 1956: John Osborne's Look Back in Anger opened at the Royal Court Theatre in London launching the 'Angry Young Men' era; 1974: Impeachment proceedings were opened against President Nixon.
In the junior category Megan Rees scooped a silver, Celia Bramah collected a bronze and Bethan Roberts, Eleanor Harling and Robert Marino were all highly commended.
We are very pleased that these two large studies were positive and consistent in showing that dronedarone significantly reduced the recurrence of atrial fibrillation and flutter compared to placebo," says Bramah Singh, M.