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a balneological resort in the German Democratic Republic, in the western part of the mountains of Saxony (Karl-Marx-Stadt District), at an altitude of 575 m. The climate of Brambach is moderately continental with warm summers (average July temperature, 17.5° C) and mild winters (average January temperature, –1°C). Precipitation amounts to approximately 800 mm per year. Therapeutic means include mineral springs in which the radioactivity of the water varies from 1.28 million (Brambacher-Sprudel Spring) to 28.1 million (Wettinquelle Spring) disintegrations per sec per cu m, or from 94 to 2,070 Mach units. The sodium bicarbonate and calcium in the water make it suitable for baths, drinking, subaqueous intestinal lavage, and gynecological douches. The mud procedures use peat mixed with radioactive water. Treatment is given to patients suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, muscles, and bones and joints; gynecological disorders; and the consequences of poliomyelitis. There are sanatoriums, bath facilities, a gallery for drinking mineral waters, and an inhalation facility. The season at Brambach is year-round.


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