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After the compare instruction, a branch instruction using the predicate of neq is inserted into the code.
Once identified, they apply a novel speculative disassembly technique in which they create an over-approximate control flow graph from all possible branch instructions within a subroutine boundary.
Every branch instruction that has a predictable behavior needs to have its behavior history properly established in the prediction table before a meaningful prediction can be made.
A valid execution path is a sequence of program instructions that could have been executed, depending on the outcome of conditional branch instructions.
Some RISC architectures avoid the problem by completely eliminating the condition register and requiring conditions to be explicitly set (by a compare instruction) in a general register and/or by folding the comparisons into the branch instructions themselves.
For each branch instruction in the program text, we record a large static feature set (see Table V).
The Link register contains the return address from a branch instruction.
These instructions can sometimes be used in sequences of code that would traditionally require a branch instruction.
It also will be capable of simultaneously executing a fixed point, a floating point, and a branch instruction.
b) Instruction cache memory (IC: instruction cache)*(3) activation rate reduction technique Increasing the number of pipeline stages generally results in lower branch instruction performance.
The CPU features a highly efficient load-store architecture, delayed branch instruction capability and an on-chip multiplier, resulting in both high code density and fast program execution.
The SH-5 core can switch between SHmedia mode and SHcompact mode dynamically on a branch instruction allowing users to selectively optimize portions of code for performance or memory footprint.